Sound Deadening Removal With Dry Ice (Part 1)

Since I’ve decided that this car is going to be a dedicated track car I want to completely strip down the interior of the car. Once I got the car down to bare metal the last thing to remove is the dreaded sound deadening material that is firmly stuck to the interior floor pans in the front and rear of the car.

It can be incredibly hard to remove this stuff but thanks to Youtube, there are countless videos showing how you can remove the sound deadening with dry ice.

Luckily, I live down the street from a welding supply shop. Apparently, welders use dry ice for various welding applications.

I Paid a visit to Airgas in San Jose, Ca to purchase 25lbs of dry ice. I brought gloves and an insulated picknick bag to transport the ice. (Using gloves with dry ice is a must! You’ll run the risk of burning your hands if you don’t use gloves.)

The process: Using a 5-gallon bucket, and (2) 32 ounce bottles of isopropyl alcohol I mixed about half of the 25lb ice into the bucket with the alcohol until it turned close to a paste consistency.

I spread it onto the passenger side floor pan and immediately you can start to hear the sound deadening material crack off. I repeated this process around the car and came back in to start scrapping the sound deadening off. It mostly comes up in large chunks (depending on how well you get the ice spread around.)

This process is a bit messy since there is a little bit of fluid left over but it works. I just need to figure out how to get the vertical areas of the car that have sound deadening on it. These areas are the transmission tunnel, firewall/foot area, and the rear seat panels.

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