The Dismantling Of All Old Parts

Once the car made it back home from the body shop, I started working on dismantling the remaining components of the car. Since the goal of the project is to replace all of the existing Brighton L components with WRX STi parts, I knew I had a ton of work ahead of me. I needed to remove the entire suspensions system, all misc parts from underneath and inside the car.

Let the fun begin!

I was pretty excited to get the car jacked up and onto stands. Once I started to remove the wheels and uninstall the suspension parts I though to myself, there is no turning back now! 😎

The car came with wheels from a later model Impreza. I think these were more commonly found on the 1998-00 Impreza RS models. Selling these wheels was extremely easy. Listed them on Craigslist for $200 and 1 week later a guy showed up in an all white modded 98′ Impreza wagon and snagged them.

The front crossmember is going bye-bye and will be replaced by an OEM version from a 2006-07 WRX STi.

I struggled to get the control arms free from the crossmember so I just gave up and dropped the entire section in one shot.

After removing the front suspension system I started on the rear of the car. I had more difficulty with the rear suspension system than the front but eventually got it all removed.

Got the old gas tank dropped and drove it off to the local metal recycler. The original plan was to swap in a gas tank from an STi but I’ve decided to go with a fuel cell. Why? Because, racecar!

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