The Car Returns From The Body Shop

Once the car was finished I had it towed back home. Seeing it arrive home and roll of the trailer made me want to do a backflip right there in the street! Couldn’t wait to roll it into my garage. With the help of a few neighbors, I was able to push it off of the main street and to my home.

Nuzzled nicely back into it’s home.

See the big box on the right, that’s the brand new 2015 STI OEM Steering rack from Flatirons Tuning. I needed this in order to connect the RS steering column to the rack that is mounted in an STI crossmember. It’s also a great steering upgrade for most Imprezas between 1997-2008.

Decided to have the TSSFAB rear subframe and some misc Cusco strut bar parts powder coated. Undercarriage Bling! 💠

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