Sending The Car To The Body Shop

Body Shop Fiasco TL;DR
I had a tough ass time finding a good custom body shop here in the Bay Area. I called and emailed at least 25+ shops. Half of the shops I contacted for a quote through their website didn’t even respond. (Why have a quote form on your website if you’re not going to use it….Irritating as f&#%!) So, I would mostly just follow up with an old fashion phone call.

Out of every shop I called it came down to working with a shop in Orange County. Initially, I spoke with a shop located nearby in Newark, Ca but they ended up completely flaking me. I brought my kit to them so they could see it an work up a quote. After dragging my kit to them they never followed through with me. (Maddening!!!) 

Since the body shop is located in Southern California, which is 5 hours from me in San Jose, I had to ship the car to them. I packed up the car with all of the body kit pieces and a few other things for them to install.

Ran short on time while trying to remove as much from the car as possible. That way the shop can just paint at will. I was looking to make things easy for the body shop and therefore save me $$$ :money.

I stuffed the car with the body kit and a few boxes of miscellaneous parts and pieces. (Headlights, taillights, side panel braces, Seibon hood, WRC carbon fiber side mirrors, etc!)

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